Wealth Management

Invest Wisely  –  Minimize Taxes  –  Maximize Income

Collaboration is key

Targets often-times move and success is rarely achieved without clearly defined goals.  

Those who clearly visualize and define their goals are far more likely to succeed!  Building a strategy designed to achieve financial goals helps you gain the clarity, the control, and the freedom that will ultimately help you live a more stable and enjoyable life.  

We collaborate with you to help visualize and define your goals so we can create a strategy specifically designed to help increase your odds for success.  

Our Clients

At Z Mark Financial we understand that life can often-times be busy and that your day-to-day may seem chaotic or at the very least ‘noisy’ in terms of your ‘to-do’ list.  Our services work best for those individuals who lead active lives and who prefer to delegate the complexities of wealth management to a professional.  We are committed to implementing and constantly improving your personalized financial plan so you can apply more intentional focus on your ‘want-to-do’ list.  Life is short, you should spend as little time as possible thinking about whether or not you have the proper insurance or estate plan in place, whether or not you can afford the lifestyle you want and/or whether or not you’ll run out of money in retirement.

Start Planning Today

Everyone should have a good handle on some basics aspects of everyday financial life.  We make powerful planning tools available for free because we believe you should be able to access them whether or not you’re a client.  When your situation becomes more complex, Z Mark Financial provides fiduciary advice from a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER PROFESSIONAL™ along with a full suite of comprehensive financial planning and wealth management services designed to hep you achieve your goals.

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Our Process

Our process always begins the same way: with a conversation.  You talk, we listen.  Identifying and understanding your goals and objectives determines everything we do.  Your success is our why.  


We start by identifying and understanding your goals and objectives.


We collaborate with you to design and build a plan customized to meet your specific goals and objectives.


We coordinate everything and work with you to implement and execute your plan.


We continuously monitor, review, and work with you to improve your plan.

Our Services

Risk Management

Asset & income protection.

Estate Planning

Estate & legacy management.

Investment Planning

Goals based allocation strategies.

Tax Planning

Strategies designed to minimize taxes.

Retirement Planning

Planning for Pre-Retirees & Retirees.

Cash & Debt

Cash-flow & debt management.